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A complete and comprehensive solution to all your business needs, whether it be personalized business cards in small or large quantity, making use of our professional quality laser printer, we can provide small to large scale printing, from Cvs to manuals, menus and flyers, including binding and laminating. Our new premises are equipped with personal desk space, new fast computer equipment and top speed internet. Our Telecom division specializes in advising on the most suitable and cost effective mobile phone data and Landline Companies and packages available in Spain.

Our technical department can repair and help with mobile phones and computers including, Iphones, Macs, Smartphones in general and of course laptops and Pcs. Accessories such as Lifeproof, Otterbox, JLab and many more are available together with a wide range of mobile phones, routers, hard drives, cables, SD cards and a variety storage devices. We work together with UPS and ASM to provide the best most suitable and efficient shipping services round the globe. At Britvid Telecom you will always find personalized friendly service for all your business needs.

At Britvid Telecom you will always find personalized friendly service for all your business needs.

We look forward to seeing you in our shops you can contact us though our Facebook page email or call us on +34 971 90 90 46


Mobile phone sales

We stock top of the range android phones (Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Sony Xperia, LG, etc) to very simple mobile phones without internet. All of our products are unlocked from factory, therefore they can be used with any sim card, either if you travel or you need to switch mobile phone companies in Spain our phones will give you wings!

Mobile phones accessories

We carry an extent range of mobile phone and tablet accessories, brands such as Mophie, Ecoxgear, SwitchEasy, Ozaki, Onguard, Juice, Unit, are among the top quality products we stock. Even if there is an item in particular that you are looking for and you would like us to stock it, please let us know (LINK) and we will add it to our wish list so we can research and add it to our available stock

SIM card sales

We are official distributors for Hitsmobile Lebara and Masmovil, companies we have especially selected after an extensive market research enabling us to provide our customers with not only the best deals for their calls and internet to suit the yachting industry and residents alike but also and of upper most importance for us giving personalized friendly quality customer service.
To start saving money on your phone with Hits, Lebara or Masmovil you don’t need to buy a new number we can change any existing number from another Spanish operator. Come to see us and we will switch you over!
Internet on the go or for the yacht and Roaming round the world with Roaming Expert
We have a wide range of offers to suit every need from 50GB to 1TB data plans. We can supply spanish sim cards with large packages of data and as official distributors for Roaming expert we can provide you with tariffs to roam freely without restrictions in Europe or round the world
Mobile phone line Payment methods
Pay as you go, automatic top up (visa or MasterCard) and contract (Spanish bank account), so many different ways to meet your needs ! If you are tired of toping up manually or just don’t have enough time to be thinking about it we can set you up with an automatic top up from a debit or credit card, if you have an Spanish bank account then we can set you up to pay at the end of he month directly through your account.


We utilize top quality Xerox laser technology for our prints. From CV’s, boarding passes, flyers and posters, our high quality laser printer will get the job done.

Business Cards

We design and print customized Business Cards, the great advantage being, no job is to small or too big, from 10 business cards (if you need to hand them over whilst looking for work on the dock) up to 500 or 2000 or more if you need it for your business or yacht
Even if you don’t have a design in mind come over and we will show you samples from our portfolio, different textures and paper finish gloss, metallic, transparent or our classic heavy thick snow white silky finish paper which we have chosen for its great print quality and thick feel for our standard prints.


Many important documents need to be photocopied and kept organized. We are used to doing all sorts of documents for yachts and businesses, photocopying and binding them to ensure durability, with a great presentation


Laminating protects and preserves everything from ID cards to restaurant menus, to documents that are going to be handled often and need to be resistant with a professional-looking finish. Lamination protects documents from water, fingerprints, smudges and tears and also enhances the color and contrast of the print.


Even in this day and age where everything is email or internet many companies or governmental offices require sending documents via fax. It will only take us a couple of minutes and we will print you a confirmation of delivery on the other side.
If you need to scan documents, certificates, cvs, we will do it with high resolution and place them in your usb or send them via email

Package and post reception

If you haven’t got a permanent base but need to receive post and packages. We receive all sort of post at Britvid Telecom. Leave us your details and we will contact you when your special delivery arrives

UPS and ASM shipping

We deliver all over the world, even if its only to Ibiza or the mainland or if you have to send your belongings to the UK, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand or South Africa. We will research and give you the best price for the shipping, providing alternatives whether you need to send express or standard, we offer a wide variety of delivery options from overnight to ground delivery. For a quotation please email us on with address for pick up, destination, weight and size of the parcel

Computer/phone repair

Prompt, reliable service at an affordable price. Pc, laptop and Mac repairs as well as Iphones, Ipads, Ipods and android devices. Honest, fast response, our technicians will use all of their knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solution. If you have any queries or would like us to give you an estimate price on a repair, please email us to or call us on 971909046.

Phone unlocks

If you got a sim + phone deal or if you got your mobile through your service provider back home, chances are, your cell phone is linked to that one particular service provider. If you try to use the mobile with a sim from a different company, your phone won’t work. It’s locked. If you travel to another country and try to use another company’s cell phone service, that won’t work either. An unlocked mobile phone allows you to use any SIM card on any network.
We can free your phone up so you’ll be able to use any sim card! It can be done at the store or remotely, (maybe online shop for unlocks)

Internet and computer

Great for quick on-the-run Internet access, especially when traveling. The resources can help you to edit, print, scan… while checking your emails Bring along a USB flash drive with your documents. Here you will feel part of a community, and surf and chat in a familiar atmosphere. Britvid Telecom is the communication center for travelers!