Britvid Health, Organic and Svensk (Swedish) food center

Logo Britvid Health & Svenska

The latest addition to the Britvid group, is situated a mere 5 meters from our international supermarket in Santa Catalina.

The growing selection of health and organic products was born as an answer to the increasing demands of a changing market. From organic baby food pouches, coconut oils, superfoods, dietary supplements and gluten free delicacies to chilled and frozen vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives such as Quorn, we carry anything you need for your healthy lifestyle including household and body care products. The Swedish section stocks over 600 products, thought to suit the Scandinavian living abroad.

We carry Swedish products of well-known brands such as Abba, Arla, Felix, and much more. Swedish food in general is produced to an extremely high standard, it should be not kept a secret and be enjoyed by all. Dry, chilled and frozen Swedish foods are available in the shop and last but not least we carry a growing selection of pick and mix Swedish candy.