Britvid International Supermarket

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Our international supermarket represents our beginnings, our first store where we initially offered the services and sold the products that later went on to be available in both Britvid Telecom and Britvid Health, Organic and Svenska center. Britvid supermarket stocks Australian, British, Japanese, New Zealand, South African and Thai foods, from edamame to marmite, vegemite, South African Biltong, pineapple lumps and a growing selection of gourmet foods.

Open 12hrs a day 365 days a year, also offers all basic food products, newspapers from all round the globe, yachting magazines and greeting cards. If there is any product you are looking for which we do not presently stock ask our friendly staff, they will put it on our wish list and we will do our best to source it for you.

Your international food store in Santa Catalina

We look forward to seeing you in our shops you can contact us though our Facebook page email or call us on +34 971 45 77 83